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I have been interested in macro photography for some time but have always used a selection of macro rings which are fitted between the camera body and whatever lens you choose to turn it into a macro lens. Where this is fine to do and can produce some great results..there is nothing quite as nice as having a dedicated macro lens.

I have this week taken possession of a Pergear 60mm f2.8 2:1 macro lens -in fact it is classed as an ultra macro as it can produce an image which is 2x the size.

I tried a few shots initially on my Fuji X-T20 and today I took the lens out fitted to my Fuji X-H1.

All shots are SOOC (straight out of camera) which means that they are as were taken without any editing what so ever


The lens itself is quite long and weighty, especially when fitted to the camera body. The lens looks better on the X-H1 than the X-T20 due to the X-H1 being a bigger body it doesn’t look as lost as the X-T20.

First impressions for me is that the lens is pretty sharp and produces some lovely colours depending on how your camera is set up, the focus and aperture rings are smooth when turned and when on a 2:1 macro setting you can get the lens really right up close.

On the other hand, the weight for some may be an issue but personally for me, it felt nice in the hand and quite sturdy.

The only downside I have found – except its funny looking “square” window on the front of the lens, is that there is a very slight amount of play when the lens is mounted, but it is so slight and minimal, it is nothing that is going to concern me when using this lens.

For a 2x 60mm macro lens which I picked up for under £150 brand new, I’m pretty impressed so far and this is going to stay in my kit for some time.

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